Delivery. But Way Better. 

So we're well in to the 21st century already, and there's still no flying cars or teleporters! Disappointing, we agree. But we might just have the next best thing.

Online shops have made it easier to access stuff than ever before, but there's still the hassle of actually getting things delivered. Conventional delivery can't get around traffic, and it can't be flexible enough to find you on the go.

Flirtey wants to change that and bring delivery to the next stage - real time delivery, to wherever you are now, using our fleet of Flirteys (unmanned aerial vehicles or 'drones').

It's the ultimate in flexibility, convenience and speed - and it will be cheaper too.

This won't happen next week - there's a lot of technical and regulatory stuff to do to make sure it's safe and reliable enough to fly around busy cities - but it will happen!

Flirtey is based in Sydney, Australia, where the legal framework is in place to license this kind of service already. Flirtey doesn't have the approvals that let us operate our delivery service yet, but follow us on Twitter or sign up to our mailing list to keep up-to-date and be one of the first to fly!

delivery image.png